Welcome to Sealed

Hello and welcome to Sealed! This is the first post of many about why and how we are able to upgrade the comfort, health and efficiency of your home for free. 

A little about Sealed:

  • New kind of energy company that pays for home upgrades that both reduce energy and increase your comfort and health
  • We pay the energy bills of your utility companies (LIPA, National Grid, etc.)
  • Each month you pay us a single Consolidated Energy Bill based on historical energy usage and a professional home assessment

Why you should sign up for Sealed:

  • Live in a more comfortable and healthy home by installing insulation, air sealing, Smart Thermostats and similar improvements
  • Peace of mind that you are not responsible for the costs of the improvements
  • Simpler, more transparent energy bill that tells you exactly why your energy costs changed each month

How Sealed is able to upgrade your home for free:

  • Basically, we take 100% of the risk that the projected energy savings from the upgrades will be realized
  • We work with awesome local contractor partners that do the hard work to assess and upgrade your home 
  • We leverage existing financing programs from states and utilities to provide the upfront capital

If any of this sounds cool, please go to sealedhomes.com and enter in your information to see if your home qualifies. You can also email helpdesk@sealedhomes.com with any questions. 

Welcome to Sealed

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