How Sealed fixes home efficiency (1.5/3)

I was planning on writing about the confusing nature of the energy process, and how Sealed helps simplify things, but got derailed poring through a fascinating analysis of actual energy efficiency projects in NY.

An enterprising contractor in Rochester, Ted Kidd, published the results of a massive FOIA request, which shows a wide range of results from contractors in terms or promised and actual home air leakage reduction.

The data comes from over 12,000 actual projects, and includes data on the air leakage tests both before and after work is completed. While this is not a true proxy for actual energy savings, it is about as good as it gets without getting real billing data (I’ll bit my tongue on that issue for now).

This data reinforces the point made in the last post about the current uncertainty in projecting actual energy savings. While some contractors deliver more actual air leakage reduction than promised, the majority realize less than promised. 

I had the opportunity to speak with Ted this afternoon, and he impressed upon me how important it is to bring transparency and aligned incentives to the energy efficiency industry. 

Many contractors are over-promising based on arbitrary state standards (more on that in a later blog post), and some just do bad work. But whatever the reason, homeowners end up getting screwed. 

At Sealed, our goal is to do that contractor and software vetting for you, so that you can be 100% confident in the savings we are able to guarantee. You shouldn’t have to FOIA state data to determine whether the savings promised will actually be there. 

We’ll be back later this week or weekend with the promised post on simplicity, but for now I encourage everyone to read through Ted’s post. You can also download the raw data. 

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