Who is Sealed?

So far, we’ve talked a lot about what Sealed does and why we do it

However, sort of embarrassingly, we haven’t talked about “Who” Sealed is. So here goes…

Sealed was founded in December 2012 by me, Andy Frank. And while I have been lucky to have a number of amazing partners (more about them later) helping out on different aspects of the business, right now I’m the only full-time employee. 

About me:

– Today is my 30th Birthday (the existential crisis that prompted this post).

– I got married about a year and half ago to my wonderful wife Angie (pictured below raising the average attractiveness of our marriage significantly) who currently works at Fitch Ratings, focusing on the credit of non-profit institutions like universities and charter schools. We have a cat, Sifma, named after the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (that was Angie’s idea).



– I have a brother, Patrick, who is a political organizer (he’s the “traveling sophist”), and a sister, Shannon, who graduated college last year and works in hospital administration (she’s the “cool” one). My dad is a program director with the government. My mom, Kathleen, is currently writing a book about our family’s Irish history (hint: full of murder and intrigue!), and has previously worked as a teacher and as a lobbyist for the United Way.




– I live in Astoria, Queens, famous for its beer gardens, greek food and being cheaper than Brooklyn.

– Prior to founding Sealed, I ran Business Development (e.g. everything except the real work of coding and designing) for four years at Efficiency 2.0, an energy efficiency start-up that sold white-labeled software and program services to large utilities across the country. In April 2012 we were acquired by C3 Energy, an energy management software company founded and run by Tom Siebel

– Prior to Efficiency 2.0, I spent about a year each at GreenOrder (management consulting firm focused on corporate sustainability), the New York City Economic Development Corporation (what it sounds like) and MBI (selling collectibles and paying off student debt).

– I went to Glenbard West High School in a suburb of Chicago where I twice ran a sub-five minute mile, then went to Harvard for undergrad where I concentrated in Environmental Science and Public Policy, nerded it out as President of the Harvard College Democrats and Professional Loiterer at the Institute of Politics, and destroyed any claims to comedic timing as part of the improv group On Thin Ice.

My motivation:

It may sounds cheesy, but my main motivation for starting Sealed is to scale energy efficiency to meet our interlocking climate and economic challenges. I get really frustrated when a solvable problem isn’t solved, and in my mind there is no problem more solvable and important than energy efficiency. I am a big student of history, and societies can and do collapse when they overuse resources, whereas they grow and prosper when they find alternatives. 

And so if I can help solve this problem, make money and have a lot of fun in the meantime, why the heck would I do anything else?

Sealed’s partners:

So far I’ve been able to work with some great partners. Below are a few:

  • Matt Golden, founder of Recurve, and a national energy efficiency pioneer. Matt recently came on as a formal advisor to Sealed, and is providing invaluable insight and advice during these early stages.. 
  • Dan Kartzman and his team at Powersmith, arguably the best home performance team in the country. Dan worked with Matt at Recurve and took many of the same best practices to Long Island, where he has grown Powersmith from five to over forty employees in three short years.
  • Barnum Design, a leading NYC-based design firm that provides holistic business design for companies large and small. Sealed is part of Barnum’s burgeoning Sweat Ventures initiative that invests their services in entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Natara Feller and Jon Norling of Cleantech Law Partners, who have drafted Sealed’s legal contracts based on extensive experience with New York energy law and renewable energy contracts. 
  • Reitler, Kailas & Rosenblatt  who have prepared and arranged all of Sealed’s corporate papers.
  • Patrick McNamara, former Efficiency 2.0 colleague building the analytic backbone of the Sealed Energy Bill while maintaing a level of beer snobbery matched by few. 

In addition to these core partners, I’ve also received help and advice from former colleagues like Adam Gerson (Director of Client Engagements at Efficiency 2.0, now running NYC operations for Hailo), former bosses like Andrew Shapiro (former Founder/Partner at GreenOrder, now the same for the Broadscale Group) and industry experts like Peter Troast (Founder/CEO of Energy Circle). And many more that are too long to list.

Now that you hopefully know more than you would ever want to know about me and the Sealed team, the next blog post will focus on the core cultural values that guide Sealed towards building a large, sustainable and profitable company that helps solve the problem of scaling energy efficiency.

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