Sealed a Cleantech Open Northeast Winner!

We are pleased to announce that Sealed was chosen as one of four Cleantech Open Northeast winners that will be representing the region at the Cleantech Open Global Forum in San Jose on November 20/21.


Big thanks to organizers Ali Adler, Tim Hoffman, Dan Hochman and everyone else (staff and volunteers) at the Cleantech Open as well as crack Sealed mentors Evan Bienstock, Dave Wechsler and Mick Gilbert.

We are incredibly humbled as this year’s Cleantech Open Northeast included many amazing companies that are disrupting lots of dirty industries. Big congrats to fellow winners HEVO Power (fellow NYCers), NBD Nanotechnologies and Refresh, as well as the other semi-finalists LitGreen, Third Power, Visolis, WavElectric and LC Drives, and everyone else who has participated this year.

A few observations from the Cleantech Open process and winners so far:

  • The Cleantech Open (especially the Northeast) is an incredible organization that is doing the yeoman’s work of helping and encouraging early-stage Cleantech companies
  • It is really hard to give a full picture of your company in 10 minutes plus 3 minutes of questions
  • The winners this year have not only developed great technologies, but have also focused on business model innovation, something that is key to truly scale clean energy technologies (read more about that here)
  • Wireless charging is awesome (h/t to HEVO Power) and could be the key to solving the battery charge issue in EVs
  • There were more energy efficiency companies this year (11) than energy generation (10), a trend that I think is telling for the next generation of clean energy 
  • Sealed was the only #cleanweb company to make the semi-finals, but there were many others who are doing some really awesome things (Enmojo, BlocPower, BrightCurrent, Crowd Solar, and Faze1)
  • Hopefully next year will be even more companies representing #cleanweb solutions and business model innovation. Hardware isn’t dead, but it is time for the Cleantech industry to stop the ghettoization of software and services.

We are excited to work hard and represent the Northeast well at the Global Forum. Thanks to everyone that has supported Sealed so far!