Sealed excited about 2014!

Now that 2014 is upon us, Sealed is excited about the prospects for #guaranteedsavings in the year ahead. 

That starts with a website from our friends at Wasabi Rabbit (formerly Barnum Design) refresh highlighting some exciting developments.


Sealed has been featured this year in one of the most read stories on, and was also featured on Fox Business.

Cleantech Open

Sealed was a proud participant in this year’s Cleantech Open, and was one of the Northeast region winners.


Sealed has been lucky enough to create an awesome team of smart and dedicated folks excited to provided #guaranteedsavings to every home in America.



Sealed built an automated #guaranteedsavings billing app thanks to the talented Ryan Ong and our friends at PaySimple


Sealed moved into a great new space at WeWork Bryant Park thanks to Ted Kramer, friend of Sealed.



The Year Ahead

These developments are nothing, however, compared to what we have planned for Sealed in the year ahead. We look forward in the coming weeks and months to announce some exciting partnerships and developments. 

So stay tuned!

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