Real environmentalists guarantee home efficiency savings (kidding…kind of)

Here at Sealed we have chosen to address the home energy efficiency sector by guaranteeing savings. There are a lot of reasons for working to reduce homes’ energy bills, including feeling good about lowering homeowner costs and creating local, green collar jobs.

But on Earth Day, of course, we focus on how Sealed can help the environment by reducing the amount of fossil fuels we need to burn.

As we think about it, Sealed is addressing the single largest carbon reduction opportunity (energy efficiency), the largest market within that opportunity (single-family homes), and the single largest barrier to scaling that market (confidence in energy savings). 

Energy efficiency as a whole represents the single largest carbon reduction opportunity. Based on the most recent McKinsey study, technical energy efficiency represents a 14 gigaton carbon dioxide reduction per year (i.e., a lot). 


This represents the single biggest “wedge” to meeting our global carbon reduction goals. The best part of this is that energy efficiency has by far the largest “negative cost,” which means that you actually make money by deploying capital to make buildings more energy efficient.


We can also look at the change in investment of energy efficiency compared to the extraction of fossil fuels in the next twenty years. Based on the latest IPCC report (the international organization that organizes all of the climate science), capital going into energy efficiency is going to jump tremendously, while capital in fossil fuel extraction will plummet.


In the United States, it is even more dramatic, with energy efficiency representing over 50% of 2030 carbon reduction potential.


Within the energy efficiency sector, single family homes represent about 50% of the total US energy savings potential.


And as readers of this blog know all too well, confidence in energy savings is the single biggest value for energy efficiency that single-family homeowners want.


So that’s why we think Sealed can make a big impact, and one reason why we are all excited to go to work every morning (also the free coffee – thanks WeWork!). 

We know we don’t have all of the answers, and we certainly know that there are many other pieces of the puzzle, but we are doing our best to help keep our planet safe (and cool). 

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