How the **** does Sealed work?? (Andrew McCarthy)

Hello, loyal readers! I’m Andrew McCarthy, and I oversee all of our customer-facing operations at Sealed. As this is my first blog post, a personal introduction is in order.


Besides being handsome, charming, single, and modest, here are a few fun facts about me (all related to music coincidentally):

  • I once drove a member of the Wu Tang Clan to the airport
  • I not-so-secretly wish I were / think that I am Bruce Springsteen (maybe this is why I’m single)
  • I was part of a Blink 182 cover band in junior high called “8 Stories High”

Prior to Sealed, I taught 7th-grade math in New Orleans (hence my picture above…) and worked with a non-profit in Tanzania. Compared to that, home energy improvements are a piece of cake!

I joined the Sealed team in large part because I believe fervently in the value of Sealed’s energy savings guarantee. I have had the privilege of working with our customers that also see this value. In fact, the most common question we get is “Why wouldn’t I want my savings guaranteed”?

Once customers agree that guaranteed savings are better than estimated savings we naturally get the question, “How exactly do you do that?”

Usually, it’s a bit more blunt than that. We get a lot of questions like this:

“Wait a second, how exactly do you make money?”

“What’s the catch?”

“Why do you pay the bills for me?”

So here’s how it works (it’s actually pretty simple):

  1. Sealed makes a savings guarantee based on your home, your past energy usage, and your home energy project

    Based on the data we collect during your home energy assessment, we determine the percentage reduction in energy usage that will result from your home energy project.

    We provide you with a simple presentation and a friendly contract, then guarantee your savings for the next 15 years. The savings we guarantee are less than we expect you to save on average (which is how we make money).


  2. Sealed becomes your billing agent, paying all of your energy bills on your behalf

    By paying your energy bills on your behalf, we assume 100% of the risk that your project saves as much energy as we guaranteed. If your project doesn’t save as much energy as we guaranteed, we pay the difference.

    Beyond that, it means you never have to deal with your utility company’s customer service staff ever again, except during storms (I’ll expound on the joys of utility customer service in a future post).image

  3. You pay a single Sealed bill each month

    Every month, we send you a single, simple bill that accounts for all of your energy usage. Our bill is guaranteed to be lower than whatever you would have paid for energy if you hadn’t improved your home.

    We lay things out simply for you each month, not only showing you what you owe to Sealed, but also how much money you have saved through your improvements.image

To deliver on our promise of savings to you, we bill you fairly. Your bill is based on your past usage, adjusted to that month’s weather. We then discount your bill according to your guaranteed savings (regardless of how much your energy was actually reduced!)

This means that just like a regular utility bill, your heating expenses with Sealed go up in the winter when it’s cold (but not as much as it used to!).

We also keep it fair by charging you the current energy price. It is surprisingly a lot of work to figure out exactly how the utility companies calculate their energy prices each month, but we take pride in being experts in utility pricing (more on that at a later date).

With three simple steps, we make it easy for our customers to receive guaranteed savings. There are no complex reimbursement procedures or equipment inspections, just a billing relationship that streamlines and improves the home energy experience for all of our customers.

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