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Hello readers! My name is Catherine and I am one of the summer interns here at Sealed. Before I launch into my first blog post, a brief introduction is in order.


I am undergraduate at NYU, where I study environmental science. A few fun facts about myself:

  • I’m from New Jersey. The entire Sealed team mocks this mercilessly. So do I.
    • Subfact: I live next door to Snooki (nope, not a joke).
  • I am attempting to read Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace this summer (1,000+ pages and 70+ pages of endnotes). It is not going well.
  • My dream meal consists exclusively of baked desserts. My version of the food pyramid is in the shape of a crepe.

And now, on the fun stuff—saving you oodles of money!

Did you know that you are entitled to thousands of dollars of home energy rebates from the State of New York and your utility companies? Getting rebates from the state and utility companies may seem like a bureaucratic nightmare, but we at Sealed make it painless and simple.

The first step is to sign up for a free home energy assessment to qualify for the rebates. About a week after your assessment, your Home Energy Advisor will not only tell you the energy savings we can guarantee, but also the amount you’ll save off the project price through rebates. Even better, we’ll handle all the paperwork to successfully get you these great deals. By the time you’re done, you may feel like this:





Okay, maybe you won’t be laying down on a bed of cash, but you get the point!

So how much money are we talking about? For starters, you’ll qualify for the High Efficiency Measure Incentive (HEMI), which gives you an automatic 10% off of all energy-saving improvements, including insulation, air sealing, and heating systems. You can save up to $3,000 with this rebate!

The state rebates are even higher for homeowners with lower incomes. If your household income falls below the median household income of your county, you are eligible for a 50% rebate up to $5,000. That’s some serious coin.

Many local utilities also offer their own rebates for particular energy-saving improvements. In Long Island, PSEG offers homeowners $1,000 for sealing up their leaky central air-conditioning ducts. In other words, it’s basically free stuff! National Grid, the Long Island gas utility, offers up to $800 to homeowners that are installing new gas boilers and water heaters. And if you’re converting from heating oil to natural gas, you’ll get an additional $480.

Of course, we all know there’s no such thing as a free lunch—who pays for these rebates anyway? Well, put simply: YOU have already paid for them. Every month, you’re paying charges to your utilities that fund all of these rebates. It makes even more sense to take advantage of these savings!

If you want to get thousands of your own dollars back while making your home a more valuable and comfortable place, get started by signing up for a free home energy assessment with Sealed. We’ll take care of all the rest!

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