Why You Should Work at Sealed

It is an exciting time at Sealed. We have doubled in size in the last few months and announced a groundbreaking partnership with National Grid. We are building a team that is focused on doing something really special, with the potential to make a very significant environmental, economic, and social impact. Nobody else is doing what we do, and the possibilities are literally endless.

Sealed started over 2 years ago in an apartment in Queens, and we are now closing in on a scalable model to radically reduce the energy and environmental impact of our homes.

As we continue to grow the company, we want to build our team with people who are also looking to make an impact and invest their time and energy in important goals.

Check out our jobs page if you want make the best decision of your life.



Still not convinced? Here are the three biggest reasons you should join our team…

Why work at Sealed?

  1. Sealed is working to prevent catastrophic climate change, the most important problem in the world today
  2. Sealed enables you to have the biggest individual impact with people and the environment
  3. Working for Sealed is the single best investment you can make in yourself

You should not work for Sealed if you are just looking for a job that pays the most (Sealed does not) and demands minimal effort (we demand maximum effort).

You should work for Sealed if you want to work hard and make a real difference. We are not interested in “doing good” for it’s own sake, but rather believe that we will only solve our energy and environmental challenges if we make saving energy an insanely profitable enterprise. To that end, please do come and work for us if you have a genuine desire to save the world.

Most Important Problem

By working for Sealed, you will be solving the most important problem in the world today. Climate change and related energy issues are the single biggest challenge facing our generation. If we don’t find a way to prevent catastrophic climate change, we will be the last generation to enjoy anything resembling peace and prosperity. The earth itself will be fine, but we will not be.

Energy efficiency represents the largest and most realistic strategy to save the planet. The cleanest energy is the energy not used. It is not as sexy as solar and wind, but it is far more practical and plentiful, making up over 50% of carbon reduction potential.


The problem (and opportunity) is that there is a lot more efficiency that we are not capturing. The majority of the energy efficiency opportunity is in single-family homes. Just regular people that are trying to stay warm in the winter, stay cool in the summer, and keep their bills as low as possible. The solutions are simple: insulation, air sealing (hence “Sealed”), efficient appliances, smart thermostats, etc.

The biggest barrier towards scaling residential energy efficiency is that people don’t believe the energy savings. You don’t invest in something if you don’t think it is real. Sealed is solving this problem by guaranteeing savings to the customer, profiting only if they save more energy than we guarantee.


Sealed is squarely focused on solving the most important problem in the energy space today – making energy savings real to homeowners across the country.

Biggest Individual Impact

Sealed is not the only organization trying to combat climate change. You can work for government, non-profits, or other companies with a positive environmental impact. At Sealed, however, you will see a direct impact every single day while building the platform for scaling an industry.

Sealed does not work on global climate-change treaties and we do not try and change people’s opinions (Fox News climate-deniers want to have a more comfortable home with lower energy bills too). What we do is create real, concrete impact by reducing the amount of energy (and carbon) needed to fuel our everyday lives.

Last year, each full-time Sealed team member made the following carbon impact on average:


Sealed is also not piggy-backing on existing technology trends. For example, we think solar is awesome, but it is already being addressed by companies like SolarCity and SunRun that are now scaling at a different level of maturity.


Energy efficiency, by contrast, is smaller and is therefore a much bigger challenge. At Sealed, we go big or go home.

Single Best Investment

In addition to making a big difference in the outside world, working for Sealed will also be the single best investment you can make in yourself. The faster you learn and grow, the more valuable you will be in your career, which translates into money, power, prestige, etc.

At Sealed, we promise a high Rate of Learning (“ROL”). We push everyone towards their maximum potential. Basically, we will make you or break you (sometimes both).


Everyone at Sealed is encouraged (and expected) to learn and grow at a fast rate. That means mastering your role, adding new skillsets, and becoming a leader within and beyond the company. You can go from knocking on doors to managing a marketing team. You can go from performing home energy assessments to building a new office. You can go from manning the phones to running all office operations.

As one of our new Home Energy Advisors, Matt Soble, recently said:

“I learned more in 3 weeks at Sealed than an entire year of coursework in college. These are hard skills like software, systems, and technical learning, but also soft skills like sales and how to grow a business.”

Working for Sealed also happens to be a lot of fun. You get to work with a diverse set of people (we even have Republicans!) that are all born hustlers, and will help you to reach your potential. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we make sure that everyone has a great experience.

If you are interested in joining the team, check out our jobs page or email us directly. Yay Sealed!



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