When Going Mainstream Makes Sense: Oil-to-Gas Conversions

Do you heat your home with oil? If so, you are part of a small minority nationwide that’s continues shrinking every year. Compared to 48 percent of gas-heated homes, only 5.3% of homes in the U.S. used oil for heating in 2014, down from 7.6% in 2005.

And it makes sense—even with the oil price around $60 per barrel, natural gas still remains up to three times cheaper per unit of energy. Oil-to-gas conversions are one of specialties here at Sealed, so let’s dive right in!

How do you know if an oil-to-gas conversion is right for you?

The rewarding journey to a better, more efficient home starts with our free home energy assessment. Since Sealed participates in New York State’s Home Performance with Energy Star program, the government covers the cost of determining whether gas conversion is the right move for you. Hooray for our tax dollars being put to good use!

But knowing that it makes sense to convert to gas is only the first step. Even if it does, typically, you would have to spend time researching government rebates and dealing with your local gas company (and enjoying their lovely hold music).

Sealed takes care of this for you. While you spend your Sunday watching football (or reading a book), we are working behind the scenes, crunching the numbers and looking into the best deals for your gas conversion project.

Rebates Galore

Why do we do this? The rebates might be confusing to navigate, but they are tremendously helpful in lowering the cost of a gas conversion project. (More tax dollars working for you… isn’t that beautiful?)

For starters, the state of New York pays for 10% of your gas conversion—easily $800 saved—and offers a generous no-money-down, 15-year financing plan for gas conversion at a 3.49% yearly interest. These terms make the monthly loan payment lower than your monthly savings from the conversion. (In other words, it’s like getting paid every month!)

There are even income-based rebates of up to $5,000 available through the Assisted Home Performance with Energy Star Program. And once your gas conversion is complete, you’ll even be eligible for an additional rebate from National Grid worth up to $600.

What do all of these rebates have to do with Sealed, you ask? We work on your behalf to secure these rebates so that we can offer you the most gas conversion option. And while we are at it, we’ll work with you on other ways to save money and improve the comfort of your home, including air sealing and insulation.

Wait… But Why?

Why convert to gas at all? Heating your home with gas is one of the most rewarding improvements you can do for your home! Here’s why:

  1. Save Money. The most obvious reason for converting your home’s heating system to gas is to save all the money you’re throwing away on oil! The math is simple. Heating a home with gas costs about half as much as heating a home with oil. Yes, half!
  2. Less Maintenance. Gas-fueled boilers stay cleaner and require fewer repairs, so you save money by getting fewer visits from your technician.
  3. Add Value to Your Home. Not only is gas cheaper to maintain and costs less than oil, but potential buyers will also appreciate having gas to fuel appliances, such as fireplaces, pools, or stovetops.
  4. Cleaner Air. Natural gas emits almost zero particulates and burns cleaner than oil, so you can come home from work and take a deep breath of fresh air.
  5. Never Run Out of Fuel. Without a permanent tap to a supply of oil, oil-burning homes run the risk of running out of fuel. With an underground pipeline to a constant supply of natural gas, you never have to worry about being short on fuel.
  6. Say Goodbye to Oil Deliveries. Ditch the anxiety of waiting for the oil company to show up with a delivery on the coldest days of the year. Instead, gas is always there for you when you need it.

“But surely oil is better in at least some ways, right?” you say. Well, we could not really think of anything, and most American households would agree. So take advantage of the rebates and let Sealed simplifies the process. Schedule your free home energy assessment to see if natural gas is a good fit for your home, too

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