Announcing new partnerships!

At Sealed, we’re passionate about helping our customers make their homes better places to live. Whether it’s fixing cold floors, drafts, or stuffy rooms, we help our customers live in the comfort they deserve.

We don’t want to stop there though—we want to help our community too!

Sealed is excited to announce our inaugural partnerships through the Sealed Superheroes program. Through the Superheroes program, Sealed helps community organizations meet critical fundraising goals. Here’s how it works:

· A community partner spreads the word about Sealed to its members
· Members of the partner organization have free home energy assessments with Sealed
· We make a donation to the partner organization for every assessment completed

Our first two Superhero partners are the Schechter School of Long Island and the Bellmore Presbyterian Church. Sealed will help each of our partner organizations raise funds to support key initiatives.

Sealed kicked off our partnership with the Schechter School on April 4. We are working with the school to purchase educational kits for engineering and computer programming. As a group of energy nerds, the Sealed team is particularly excited to support Science, Technology, and Math (STEM) education. A lifelong love of STEM starts at an early age, and Sealed is thrilled to help the next generation of scientists, engineers, and software developers get their start at Schechter.

Our partnership with the Bellmore Presbyterian Church launched on April 24. The Church has been an integral part of the Bellmore community for over 100 years. Our partnership will raise funds for an accessibility ramp for the church sanctuary. We are excited to help the Church make improvements that improve ease of access for many of its congregants.

We encourage you to support the Schechter School and Bellmore Presbyterian Church by signing up for an assessment or sharing this opportunity with your friends and family.

If you are a member of a community or faith organization and want to be a Sealed Superhero, please get in touch!

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