Blown Cellulose Insulation: To DIY or not to DIY?

It’s the end of January, and winter has finally arrived in the Northeast. Cold snaps like these often prompt homeowners to upgrade their insulation.

At Sealed, we’re big fans of blown cellulose insulation for attics and walls. It’s cost-effective and gets the job done far better than fiberglass, particularly when it comes to keeping your home warm and reducing your heating bills.

At first, blowing cellulose insulation into your attic may seem like the perfect DIY project. It sounds simple: go into your attic with a hose and blow insulation until it stands 15 inches tall. What’s so hard about that?

It turns out that properly insulating an attic requires a couple challenging steps before blowing the cellulose. You might think twice before doing them yourself.

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5 common energy efficiency misconceptions (Dan Hochman)

Hi, my name is Dan Hochman, and I manage our efforts in New York. Prior to joining Sealed, I had the pleasure (and pain) of being the only non-engineer in an energy engineering Master’s program at Carnegie Mellon. I grew up in Manhattan but now rock suburbia on a daily basis (usually with 90s Hip Hop playing in the car).


Most people tell me I’m a 65-year old living in a 25-year old body. My favorite customers discuss interest rate trends as I tell them about the efficiency of their boiler. Jewish grandmothers also love me – I’ve got a bit of Mensch on a Bench thing going on.

Working with Sealed, I have learned a ton about how homes use energy, and common misconceptions that many people have.

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